Op-Ed: The Need For New York Yidden To Obtain Firearms

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Jewish safety has always been an issue in NY. The frum community, who stand out as obvious Jews, has long been a target for attacks. We need the ability to protect ourselves by ourselves, and embrace our right to bear arms to deter the threats against us.

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Jewish safety has always been an issue in New York. The frum community, who stand out as obvious Jews, has long been a target for hate crimes and anti-Semitism.

For many years, community leaders have petitioned City Hall to increase the presence of NYPD officers in our neighborhoods. Every administration has ignored the issue and only ramped up security for the days following a violent attack. In this time of heightened terror activities and daily threats, we can no longer rely on the city for our protection.

First and foremost, While security precautions—which includes firearms—are essential to the security of our Kehillah, we should not forget that as Yidden, our ultimate defense and security guarantee is our Emunah in Hashem.

We also need the ability to protect ourselves by ourselves. In addition to much needed more police officers to patrol our streets, we frum Yidden must consider legally arming ourselves as the first barrier of defense. Even at the best of times, the fastest enforcement response can mean that minutes pass before police are on the scene of a violent incident.

Just as our wonderful Hatzalah was established as a way for us to take care of our own needs in our best way, we need to shift our security mindset and embrace our right to bear arms to deter the threats against us.

The process is straightforward and easier than many believe. With the mandatory NYS firearm safety classes given by Heimishe NRA certified instructors in every large frum community and neighborhood in New York City and State. It is possible now to get approved for a New York Pistol License and in fact many in our community have already acquired their NYC or NYS concealed carry permit.

The more Frum Yidden that exercise their right to carry a legal firearm and sign up for gun safety training courses, the safer we will all be. It is not meant for everyone in our community, but if enough mature, responsible Yingurleit apply for their firearms permits and are armed, we will no longer have to wait many minutes for law enforcement when there are possibly no minutes to spare in case of a major sakanah incident c”v.

Eventually, we won’t need to outsource the security of our yeshivas and shuls to security companies who are less familiar with our communities and the threats we face. Many out-of-town communities already have frum security companies, hiring local members of their Kehilla who combine their knowledge and understanding of how frum moisdos operate with top-notch protection.


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Editor’s note FrumNews.com would like to remind our readers, that obtaining your concealed carry permit is one aspect, but make time to practice, practice and practice. There is never enough training that one can do. Purchase a proper home safe for when you are not carrying. And most importantly Daven and be mispalel that you will never have to use it.

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