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PINNED ARTICLE - If you are a frum yid, and pay attention to the many mainstream so-called “Frum News” websites, it is safe to assume that you are not okay with the status quo of what is considered appropriate for public consumption.

Welcome dear readers to, a New Frum Community News Website — a Lashon Hara free zone.


The Problem.

If you are a frum yid, and pay attention to the many different mainstream so-called “Frum News” websites, it is safe to assume that you are not okay with the status quo of what is considered appropriate for public consumption.

Whether it’s the Lashon Hara and Rechilus, Sinas Chinam and anti-frum liberal rhetoric, a never-ending diet of articles filled with a hate and general disregard of common sense or respectfulness towards Yidden – what is very clear is that this harms our frum communities, causes community machlokes, damages families, and needs to be remedied immediately.

So why is this insanity ongoing for so many years in our community, why is there no outcry and why is nothing being done?

1. Why is this happening

As we know, negative gossip-filled news is a very easy way to get readers to a news website.

Without being careful, Lashon Hara can easily become the topic of conversation, and when something goes wrong, the easiest thing to do is to point fingers.

Taking a thoughtful, nuanced approach to news. With giving the benefit of the doubt takes more time, energy, expertise and often self control. The Torah that guides us to a meaningful and fulfilling life, is clear about why we need to be careful in these matters. Our Chachomim throughout the ages have taught us how to build strong beautiful frum communities by being sensitive to others, and essentially treating every yid as one would like to be treated themselves.

The many different “Frum” news outlets do not mean to harm communities intentionally Chas Vesholom, but they are. They justify the thirst for scandalous, sensational news as just responding to “market demand” – even though it’s clearly against our common sense frum values.

Unfortunately, there are always excuses to be made when business values run contrary to Halachic values. This has led to surprising fallacies in thought. For example, the notion that it isn’t Lashon Hara if it was already published somewhere else etc.

The real question here is not is this technically allowed, but do we want to expose ourselves and our children to such a negative norm? Is this the community we want to create and live in? Are these the topics we want to speak about around our families Shabbos table?

Left unchecked, these very low standards have become the norm, and we have let toxicity into our homes, and our daily routine. This is not the kind of community we want to be building, or the example we want to be setting for our children.

This issue seems to be unsolvable. As we all know, without the business component, a news website can’t be sustainable. And if negativity and lashon hara is what sells, then this is the way it’s going to be, and the race is just how far the limits can be pushed – to get ahead of competing “Frum” news outlets..

2. Why has there been no outcry?

We all know the importance of Ahavas Yisroel, and that every Yid–no matter his or her background or community–is our brother.

As our frum communities expand Baruch Hashem, in almost every single large frum community there are “2 groups of interest” for almost everything. From Chessed to hechsherim, organizations, yeshivaschassidim and everything in between.

We can easily stop seeing every Yid as the unique neshama that they are, and we start seeing people, and groups that we are alien with, as an interesting piece of juicy conversation.

Additionally, Frum readers don’t think it is their job to fix this issue. If you don’t work in news, it is easy to just feel you are an ‘innocent bystander’ and doing nothing wrong by reading what is already published. Readers even feel fine sharing on their WhatsApp groups what is already posted – because hey! It’s public already.

Worst of all – We got used to it. When something goes on for so long, we start to assume that it is ok. Many of us have grown up with “Frum” news websites that have little regard for what is right or wrong, and at a certain point we stop asking ourselves if this is normal.

3. Why has nothing been done?

As we all know, money is the biggest driver of growth and change. Any news that increases clicks helps the bottom line. With profit being the goal, justifications and rationalizations become the norm and the negative impact goes unnoticed, or worse – it is seen as collateral damage.

So what we are left with, is a burning issue tearing away at the very fabric of our beautiful frum communities, and the only objections are coming from Daas Torah, Rabbonim, Dayonim and sensitive souls. But how can these parties be successful if there is no viable solution to replace the current, broken model?

Enter we want to effectively put a plan to action and tackle this disturbing issue head on!

The solution.

1. The team

A group of driven writers and editors of the current mainstream Yiddishe news magazines and newspapers, hailing from Lakewood, Brooklyn and Monsey have joined together to solve this issue.

This team is experienced and news-savvy, with all involved holding positions at different successful frum news print publications, and who are fueled by their passion and experience to strategically and effectively breathe new life into the Frum news online market.

Over the past 2 months, they have developed a new kosher frum news website with a content strategy that will not only remedy the glaring issues found with our current Jewish news outlets, but will also surpass the old model with quality news coverage that brings concrete positive value to our frum community.

Empowered by leading Rabbonim and Daas Torah, this team spent countless field hours examining, interviewing and market testing the viability of the first of kind, value driven clean and exciting mainstream frum news website.

But here is the best part: Bez”h wants to succeed not despite the fact that is doing the right thing—but because is doing the right thing.

Wait? How can that be? Wouldn’t a site that only cares about clicks be more fun to read than one that cares about every yid, and our communities frum values?

The answer is no. This is simply incorrect!

2. The Premise uplifts its readers in the 7 minutes that they browse the news.

Curated, relevant and engaging news, with no wasted space. A clean, beautiful site to enhance the lives of Yidden.

3. The “Frum” News old model: Copy the Tabloids

The sorry state of our “Frum news” online, is not due to bad intentions or likely any intentions at all. It’s built upon industry truths that are very relevant to sustaining a profitable news outlet.

The old frum news model is built on the premise that really juicy content isn’t possible without compromising values. This plays out in the following negative areas:

Lashon Hara and Rechilus-filled stories that get people talking about your site.

● Jumping to very reckless conclusions as soon as the news breaks.

● Being Motzi Shem Ra – defaming Yidden.

● Obsessively reporting on extreme, fringe very small groups that make a chillul hashem.

● Reposting articles from questionable liberal news sources without accounting for their bias or accuracy.

● Publishing News pieces on a “Frum” news site that portrays frum Yidden in a negative light towards the non-Frum and goyishe crowd – making them actively dislike the Frum community as a whole – which then gets picked up by the secular press with this negative information for their next ‘hit piece’ against our communities, causing another massive chillul hashem. Simply put, not everything that is news involving the Frum community is smart to publish on a public frum news platform.

● Taking cheap shots at different community groups to get more clicks.

● Allowing all the worst types of comments, with little to no moderation.

● Overly obsessed with sad unfortunate news and tragedies r”l, and using graphic and insensitive images of frum tragedies r”l, which hurts much more because its of our fellow yidden, many images which cannot be unseen afterwards.

● Insensitivity to those affected by their reporting (For example, releasing names of those involved in fatal accidents before the family has even been notified, on multiple horrific occasions).

Does this approach resonate with you? It is safe to say that most Yidden don’t support the old approach, yet are very attracted to its appeal. Without being presented with a better model, the old model seems almost inevitable and unfixable.

It is much simpler and inexpensive to create sensationalized content. Creating a viable alternative with high quality content is highly challenging. This is why a new model must outdo the old model from many angles.

Eliminating the problematic content is an easy fix. An editor with frum values and basic common sense should easily discern what content is “fit for print”, without hiding behind empty disclaimers, or advanced halachic acrobatics excusing why it’s “Mutar” to publish certain extreme negative content.

Which brings us to the opportunity we have. What do we want to see in our daily frum news intake? What would a frum news website need to way surpass the old model?

4. The model – good for the community, and good for business

The new model is all about using a new lens, a paradigm shift.

You see, the cheap excitement that comes from negative and sensationalist news, pales in comparison to the classy enjoyment of top-quality, value driven, positive content and good news that leaves us feeling happy, empowered and proud to be a frum yid living by our beautiful values. It’s a world of difference.

When you are earning clicks with quality content, everything changes. We will give Yidden the benefit of the doubt, treating every frum community respectfully. While creating content that motivates, excites and enhances the lives of Yidden. Of course, we will not push anything important under the rug. If something is relevant to undisputed Sakanah and important to inform or warn the community about, we will report on it. Just in a very aidel, mentchlich and sensible way.

By reporting on relevant, important topics and giving a voice to the community, serves as a solution driven, growth focused force in our communities.

A talented, experienced team of Frum editors will filter and develop content that informs, entertains, excites and actually benefits the Frum reader.

5. The new model: Opinions

A key ingredient to the success of the new model are Op-Ed’s and editorials, giving an easily accessible platform to the voices of our community. This is not only a solid way to gather top quality, relevant content, but also acts as a force of frum activism, advocating for all issues affecting the community – positive, effective, actionable and meaningful change in our communities.

In addition to highly encouraging all community segments to contribute, has developed a content strategy to ensure that its op-eds are focused, relevant and useful.

To tackle sensitive but relevant topics that would Improve our communities with a solution oriented approach.

6. The new model: Article Comments

The most glaring disaster of the old model is the comments section. Riddled with issues it has become a cesspool showcasing the most negative elements of our community.

● Filled with lashon hara, vitriol and generally tone deaf.

● Reflecting bad midos and showing a poor example.

Sinas Chinam.

● Insensitivity, It’s often not the issue, but how it is addressed.

● Disrespect, Against our Rabbonim and Gedolim, going against our Derochim.

In the old model, the news outlets washed its hands clean, by standing behind it being an “uncensored” platform. It is crystal clear that the responsible party is the person who approves the comments. The readers trust this person, and the moderator sends a message of what is ok and what is not ok.

In the new model – comments are approved by a sensible person with basic seichel and common sense, asking – is this useful or helpful? is this proper, and would we want this comment made on our Shabbos table.

Our Commitment.

1. Quality.

As the new kid on the block, we know we can only be successful by outperforming the current old model – delivering content that actually benefits our community.

We will report on relevant matters pertaining to the frum community – not just for the clicks – but in a positive solution oriented way. At the same time, our content will be exciting to read while being well-researched and written in a clean classy way.

We have curated a frum team of the finest in-house talent to make this a reality. With a resolve and passion to bring you relevant, positive, exciting and meaningful news focused on the beauty of our different frum communities.

2. Adhering to our community values

In order to ensure success of the new model, we have invested in experienced and successful talent to bring our viewers what they really want:

● No Lashon Hara whatsoever, no excuses.

● Sensitivity. Toward every Yid and Achdus towards every Frum community.

● Nuanced thoughtful approach to reporting – giving the benefit of the doubt.

● Common sense for viewer discretion (appropriate, violence, etc, Especially when an incident involves fellow Yidden.)

3. Our commitment to readers

Not just information – Relevant and beneficial content to strengthen on the individual and community level – we aren’t just a business venture, the frum community is our community.

● Good classy frum news from your local frum community around the world.

● General important news from Brooklyn, Lakewood, Monsey and the NY tristate area.

● General news pertinent to USA and Eretz Yisroel and the Frum Olam.

● Full-on top of the line free Classifieds Section, feature for Boro Park. Flatbush. Williamsburg. Monsey. 5 Towns, Far Rockaway & Queens. Crown Heights. Lakewood & NJ. Catskills/Sullivan County South Florida. Los Angeles. Eretz Yisroel. Canada. England. Australia. and many more different large frum communities around the world, directly benefiting each area with local classifieds listings from Real Estate, Sales/Rentals, Jobs, Buying/Selling, Renting, Hashavas Aveidah and more local community Classifieds categories, free for our readers to post.

In short, we are committed to maximizing the 7 minutes our average reader spends keeping up with your daily frum news, solidifying our position as a one stop news shop for the frum reader.

Your Commitment – Simple, and not what you think

In order for this to succeed, we need you.

We are not asking you to check us every day – that we will Bez”h earn by making it the place you want to visit for news.

We are not asking for support by advertising with us – that we will Bez”h earn by succeeding in our goals and growing our readership. Here is how you can ensure the success of this community movement.

This is what we need from you:

1. Share this article with every single frum yid you know.

2. Tell them why this is important to you.

3. Copy/Paste this Link and Share it on all your family and friends WhatsApp Groups.

4. Partner with us by sending us, Email/WhatsApp. News and news-worthy pictures from your community, organizations and events.

5. If you believe in our mission, align your brand with an outlet that is strengthening our frum communities.

Partnership with Community Leadership

At we see this as a community project, by the community for the community.

We encourage our readers to share with us anything you feel can be of interest to others. Pictures of large frum events, sharing community news, and voice your Opinions so that they are presented clearly and easy to read.

We seek to partner with our Askunim, Activists, Community Leaders, Mosdos, Community Chessed volunteer organizations, content creators – let us bring attention and awareness to your cause or event that is important and dear to you, in a way that engages our readers.

The Frum Kehilla and Klal wants change

Some of you may be thinking – big deal! So what if news is not approached properly, how big of an issue is it? In order to understand the gravity and urgency of this situation, you need to put yourself in the position of the people, organizations and frum communities who are directly hurt by the issues we outlined. Maybe today it isn’t your community, but with the rate of organizations, mosdos and communities being harshly mistreated, Both directly and indirectly. As well as the insensitively of being the first to post unverified details of large incidents, At some point it goes around.

Entire communities, rebbes, organizations get slandered and denigrated, in the most horrific ways – all because one person or community disliked a position and sensationalized and weaponized the situation for their personal or political gain. We aren’t even talking about taking a stand. This is about equal opportunity offenders who have no qualms about bashing anyone, any group, and any organization at anytime, often switching sides on many issues, as long as there is something negative to say.

Wouldn’t you want a team that has frum values making these decisions? Would you want a team who understands the gravity of Chillul Hashem, and that sees denigrating other Yidden as being akin to shfichas domim.

Do we want our news to be copied directly from those in the media that wish our communities harm, Liberal’s that are teeming with distaste and an agenda against our Yiddishe way of life?

It’s time to say no to drivel, stupidity and issurim chamurim. Let’s band together and treat each other and our frum communities with love, respect and common sense.

Are you with us?

The staff and team!


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  • Moshe Ginsburg 04/15/2024 | ז' ניסן התשפ"ד

    ברכה והצלחה

  • JB 03/17/2024 | ז' אדר ב' התשפ"ד

    Outstanding work, חזק ואמץ

  • Basya Labinsky 03/07/2024 | כ"ז אדר א' התשפ"ד

    It’s about time. So glad you’ve taken this much needed step for our community. May Hashem bentch your efforts and may the sensitivity, ahavas chinam and shalom that your site will iyh bring to the world help hasten the geula shelaima. Much hatzlacha!!!

  • Excited! 03/04/2024 | כ"ד אדר א' התשפ"ד

    Grest initiative! Hatzlacha!

  • Mendy Segal 03/03/2024 | כ"ג אדר א' התשפ"ד

    Much Hatzlocha!

  • Moshe Benz 02/29/2024 | כ' אדר א' התשפ"ד

    Truly excited to finaly have such a site for Frum people, enough with gossip and Lashan Horah!

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