Attempted Kidnapping of 11-Year Old Frum Girl in Williamsburg, Suspect Apprehended

The NYPD arrested a perpetrator after trying to kidnap a Frum girl walking home in Williamsburg outside the Satmar Girl's school on Sunday. 


The NYPD arrested a perpetrator after trying to kidnap an 11-year old frum girl walking home on Harrison Road and Rutledge Street, outside of the Satmar Girl’s school, in Williamsburg on Sunday.

The Hispanic male suspect approached the girl from within his Toyota SUV, displayed money to the victim and attempted to lure her inside his vehicle. The terrified victim immediately ran home to tell her parents what had just happened, who then called Police and Shomrim.

The Williamsburg 90th Precinct assigned a Level 1 Mobilization for this attempted abduction of a child, and requested the NYPD aviation, ground, and highway patrol units to assist in the search for the wanted vehicle.

Williamsburg Shomrim was able to swiftly obtain thanks to newly installed plate readers, Hi-Definition surveillance footage of the license plate number from the wanted vehicle. With this crucial piece of evidence on hand, NYPD authorized an emergency all-out city-wide alert for that license plate and vehicle description. The vehicle was later spotted in Queens by local NYPD on routine patrol, the Hispanic suspect was arrested and taken into custody.

Statement from Williamsburg Shomrim:

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