Not Another Purim Safety PSA!

This year Purim, in addition to the annual don't drink and drive notices, some organizations have put out an additional alert. Don't drink and carry.


Every year, from Monsey to Lakewood and Brooklyn in between, many chessed organizations, such as Hatzalah, Shmira, Shomrim, Chavivim, and Chaverim, put out their annual Purim reminder—don’t drink and drive. For this year’s Purim, however, in addition to these annual warnings, some organizations have put out an additional alert: Don’t drink and carry.

Since the Milchama in Eretz Yisroel, thousands of frum Yingerleit in Monsey, NYC, 5 Towns and Lakewood have applied for and obtained their concealed carry permit.

If you have a concealed carry permit and plan on drinking, don’t carry your firearm. It is dangerous and illegal!

If you drink this Purim, Don’t carry. If you carry, Don’t drink.


Another important aspect to convey is to look out for your friends.

In the past several years, unfortunately, there have been a few DUI incidents, some involving accidents R”L in the frum communities on Purim night.

Look out for your chaver, be a friend, and if you feel there is a need to stop your friend from driving, stop them.

Even if not driving, if you feel that a friend is acting recklessly, step in. wishes our readers a happy, safe and responsible Purim.

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