Police Tell Residents “We Have No Units To Send You, Call The Politicians”

Photo: Jason Lawrence/Flickr

A woman who dialed 911 six times during a horrifying burglary was left on her own for hours, The police dispatchers told the victim 'we have no units to send you' to call her local elected officials instead to demand more police. The dispatcher asked the caller if she would consider defending herself… if she had a weapon or considered getting one.

By FrumNews.com 

A Chicago woman who dialed 911 during a terrifying break-in was left to fend on her own for hours, according to NBC Chicago. The victim waited over four frightening hours before police arrived at her home.

The victim, who called 911 six times, was told by the dispatchers to call her local representatives and elected officials to demand more police funding after the city’s severe budget cuts left the Chicago Police Department partially defunded.

One dispatcher said we have no units to send you… then there was an awkward pause. Another dispatcher asked the caller if she can defend herself… if she had a weapon or considered getting one.


As FrumNews.com reported, in Pittsburgh, the city recently cut the Pittsburgh police budget so that it would not respond to 911 calls that are not “in progress emergencies.” Leaving the city with just 22 officers on call in the wee hours of the morning.

Local Pittsburgh Askunim said that the changes in protocol mean that it’s crucial for the Frum community to remain vigilant about their safety, security and to practice good situational awareness. Many Yidden in the Kehilla have been applying recently for their concealed carry firearms permit. Self defense classes, firearms training courses and range training are as well being arranged for the local community.

These episodes show the grim reality the country’s democratic cities are facing after they drastically cut the police budgets during the disastrous BLM protests in 2020, leading to an unsurprising rise in violent crime in blue cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and New York City.

In June of 2020, during the riots, looting and fireworks in New York City, the city’s dispatchers were unable to handle the extra large call volume, leaving many crime victims waiting for minutes till their emergency call was received. Even those that did get their call answered, had extreme wait times till the NYPD responded as the city’s police department was overwhelmed handling dozens of riots on a nightly basis in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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