NYC Trying To Shutter Frum Community Matzah Bakeries

Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum of Kiryas Yoel at the Williamsburg Satmar Matzah Bakery this month

A new New York City rule going into affect during Pesach would threaten the closure of Brooklyn's Matzah Bakeries.
Askunim from all NYC communities urgently trying to find a compromise to keep frum Matzah Bakeries open.

A new controversial New York City environmental regulation that would go into effect during Pesach this month would threaten Brooklyn’s beloved matzah bakeries. 

The new rule introduced a few months ago by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection would require coal and wood-fire pizza stores and eateries—including matzah bakeries—to install a very costly emission control system to cut their smoke pollutants by 75%. 

The very costly filters would raise the cost of matzah much higher, matzah bakeries warn. Likely leading to the closure of most New York City Matzah Bakeries and having them relocated to more business friendly territories.

As the new rules were introduced, Mayor Eric Adams also weighed in, urging a path of compromise. “We don’t want to hurt businesses in the city, and we don’t want to hurt the environment. So, let’s see if we can find a way to get the resolutions we’re looking for.”

The new rule goes into effect on Yud Tes Nisan during Pesach, right after this year’s matzah baking rush. 

NY Republican Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo, who proudly represents the growing Frum community in Staten Island, is trying to fight this. He proposed a new compromised bill, “Preserving Our Culinary Traditions Act,” which would waive the restrictions on burning wood, coal, natural gas, or other fuels to cook or prepare food. 

Assemblyman Pirozzolo argues that this rule is anti-business and would do little to actually help the fight against pollution and global warming. He points out that Governor Hochul’s controversial bill to ban gas stoves and furnaces from new buildings gave an exception to existing restaurants, which this bill doesn’t, so why not here? 

“I’m trying to stop discrimination against ethnic restaurants. These misguided laws go against businesses that cook ethnic cuisine,” Pirozzolo said. “A police officer just got killed. People are getting thrown in front of subway trains. We have people dying from overdoses and an illegal migrant crisis we didn’t ask for. But we’re going after wood-burning pizza style ovens? It’s misguided. Let’s get our priorities straight.” has confirmed that many prominent Askunim from all NYC communities are actively in-communication with city officials trying to find a middle ground that would keep our Matzah Bakeries open.

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  • Mr. Leb 04/26/2024 | י"ח ניסן התשפ"ד

    I’m at all surprised. And we keep voting for democrats we can’t blame anyone but ourselves!

  • Mr Goodman 04/16/2024 | ח' ניסן התשפ"ד

    Once again, the term “Askonim” rears its head, yet who are these true Askonim ? Let the community know who to thank for looking out in our best interests

  • Yehudis Engel 04/10/2024 | ב' ניסן התשפ"ד

    I wonder if the entire new rule is not aimed at the matzoh bakeries in particular but covering it up so that it cannot be labeled anti semitic?!!!

  • Truth 04/04/2024 | כ"ה אדר ב' התשפ"ד

    It’s not misguided. It’s exactly what the globalists want. To kill small business and convince feeble minded folks into 15 minute cities, to own nothing and to eat the bugs. But don’t worry! It’s all to ‘save the enviroment’. Anyone awake realizes that we, people, are the carbon they wish to elliminate. Time to elliminate these bad and ‘misguided’ actors from office .

  • Rabbi Sholom G. N. 04/03/2024 | כ"ד אדר ב' התשפ"ד

    We just celebrated Purim when Mordechai stood his ground and refused to bow down to wicked Haman. Eventually he managed to save the entire Jewish population world-wide.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have that type of leadership these days. We’re too forgiving and we don’t stand up for our religious values. We were tested recently during the Covid-19 and we caved In allowing secular laws to determine how we are to observe our religion in our Synagogues and even in our homes as to how many relatives can sit in our Passover Seder, etc.

    Once we cave in and allow our traditions to be challenged over ridiculous scares, we’re doomed. It’ll never stop. Our history is full of challenges that attacked our religious customs. All in the name of “compassion and sensitivity” to animals, etc., when we have the most caring and humane religion.

    The ongoing tragedy in Israel is also due to our passive attitude trying to live in peace with an enemy vowing to destroy us. And when we’re attacked the world will condemn us for responding and trying to avoid another attack!

    Our Passover costs are already so highly it would be practically impossible to celebrate our Holiday if Matzah prices would be more costly! I can’t imagine how our 1-week-a-year Holday would add to the world pollution.

  • Meir 04/03/2024 | כ"ד אדר ב' התשפ"ד

    The various anti-Semites in history must be kicking themselves in Gehinnom: why’d they have to attack Yidden on false claims, when they could have claimed that baking matzah causes pollution?

  • An anti crooked government 04/02/2024 | כ"ג אדר ב' התשפ"ד

    This entire issue of global warming is a made up communistic attempt at taking over the world. Iit is nothing else but political and anti semitic and anti religion.
    But, there is a G-D in the world, and as much as these evil creatures try to deny him, and fight him, he is mightier than them and will give them what they justly deserve for all their wicked deeds! May it be very very soon.

  • mike romanno 04/01/2024 | כ"ב אדר ב' התשפ"ד

    The city is crumbling to pieces, between high crime and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, not to mention all the additional problems facing this once great city, thanks to the fools running (ruining) Her, yet they are worried about matzah bakeries and some ethnic pizza parlors, the BLAZING NINCOMPOOPS.

  • Dr faye zakheim 04/01/2024 | כ"ב אדר ב' התשפ"ד

    I totally agree – so much danger; so many people getting hurt ; crime; Guns; and we are worried about matzos ???
    Ridiculous !!

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