PSA: NJ Police Arresting Drivers On Palisades Parkway For Illegal Plates

According to confirmed reports given to, along the Palisades Interstate Parkway, New Jersey State Police have been cracking down on drivers who use illegal license plate covers or obstructed and altered letters on their license plates.


According to confirmed reports given to, along the NJ Turnpike, Garden State Pkwy, NJ Route 17 and the Palisades Interstate Parkway, New Jersey Police have been cracking down on drivers who use illegal license plate covers, as well tampered, obstructed or altered letters on their vehicles license plates.

Police have issued dozens of summonses and made several arrests this month.

The Palisades Interstate Parkway, a primary thoroughfare for Yidden connecting New York City and Monsey, also connecting onwards north to Sullivan County in the Catskills Mountains with thousands of frum drivers utilizing this highway daily in the summer. The parkway has become the focus of the crackdown on drivers illegally obstructing their license plates.

This post serves more as a public service announcement rather than a warning. is all for street safety, but for residents in NYC, the speed limit is extremely low and will likely be lowered to 20 MPH on most city roads and 10 MPH in school zones. It has been so common to receive a speeding ticket for simply going “with the flow of traffic” that a market for illegal/obstructed/altered license plates has risen in NYC, not to avoid tolls, but simply not to receive multiple gotcha tickets a week.

With that in mind, under the leadership of Mayor Eric Adams, New York City’s recent crackdown at city bridges and tunnels by the NYPD on counterfeit and fraudulent paper plates (temp tags) has also yielded many results, with dozens of arrests and the seizure of vehicles during each sting.


Many readers pointed out to that there is an ongoing issue at the outskirts of Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Flatbush, in the vicinity of the NYCHA and other Government Funded Public Housing. Lately, there has been an abundance of parked unregistered vehicles with counterfeit or fraudulent paper license plates, many of the paper temp tags which happen to also be expired. As well an increase in abandoned and derelict vehicles near the Projects style buildings on the outer streets of the frum communities. Some of the vehicles are suspected of being owned by violent gang-members and used in prior crimes.

As of this writing, it is not yet known when the NYPD will address this local Brooklyn issue, but Askunim that are in communication with city hall have assured that it will be addressed, and those illegal vehicles will be towed, sooner rather than later.

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  • Both are important points 05/28/2024 | כ' אייר התשפ"ד

    Speed cameras is good for safety, but when its slower than the flow of traffic… Also speed cams DONT stop the thugs with fake paper plates, and doesnt stop stolen vehicles. Speed BUMPS is a good middle ground

  • From Boro Park 05/28/2024 | כ' אייר התשפ"ד

    The tone of this article implies that the NYC speeding cameras are just there to catch us and make money off us. I have received my share of tickets so I am not immune to this feeling of frustration. HOWEVER as a parent of a child who has been hit by a car, I can say my perspective has changed completely. I now welcome these tickets and implore everyone to SLOW DOWN. We are talking about sakanas nefashos.

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