TUESDAY: Surfside’s Frum Mayor Shlomo Danzinger up for Re-Election

Surfside frum mayor Shlomo Danzinger during the sister city pact with the Shomron Region of Eretz Yisroel on Spetember 28, 2022

Update: Tomorrow, March 19th is the municipal election in Surfside, as well as other Florida elections. • Surfside, with its vibrant Yiddishe Kehilla, located between Miami Beach and Bal Harbor. Frum Mayor Shlomo Danzinger up for Re-Election, The opponent wants to shut down the frum community.

Update March 18: Tomorrow, March 19th is the municipal election in Surfside, as well as other Florida elections. FrumNews.com encourages the Frum community to vote.

In 2022, the margin of victory for the Surfside mayoral election, which elected Shlomo Danzinger by a thin margin of just 31 votes. So remember to vote and remind your friends and neighbors to vote as well in this crucial election, which will affect not just Surfside residents, but all Yidden who visit kosher eateries in this town year-round.


Original March 8th article:

By FrumNews.com

Surfside, Florida, a popular beachfront Town with nearly 6,000 residents, over one-third of which is Jewish, a vibrant and growing Frum community. Conveniently located between Miami Beach and Bal Harbor, the streets are Baruch Hashem filled with dozens of Kosher restaurants and stores, servicing both the local community and the tens of thousands of Frum visitors from New York and New Jersey.

Before the city of Miami Beach elected its first Frum Mayor, Steven Meiner, Surfside elected its first Frum mayor, Shlomo Danzinger, who is up for reelection in a couple of weeks on March 19, including municipal elections in Surfside, one of Florida’s most vibrant Frum communities. This election pits incumbent Frum Mayor Shlomo Danzinger and former mayor Charles Burkett.

As the election season heats up in Surfside, Yidden are being attacked.

Mayor Danzinger, has been known as a uniter and problem solver, governing under the banner of a ‘law and order’. Working hand in hand with the  Surfside community, helping the locals making Surfside a safer, cleaner and more beautiful better neighborhood for all its residents. However, former mayor Burkett has been attacking the frum kehilla under the false pretense of “Preserving our way of life.” Similar to what some frum communities in NJ and Rockland County have experienced in recent years. 

As outlined by JJ of the popular frum deals and travel blog Dans Deals, the former mayor Burkett has attacked the vibrant Kosher restaurant scene on Harding Avenue in Surfside in an email during the campaign, Which he brought in the classic anti-frum tropes, writing, “I believe we should have long ago had…a majority of downtown restaurants that do not close for half of the weekend.”

“I think we already have enough people living in Surfside. I don’t believe we need more residents or traffic here,” he is also quoted as saying, which as JJ notes is an alternative to saying, “We don’t want more big frum families building homes to meet their needs.”

In another part, Burkett goes against the core frum-owned shops like Sheitel and tznius-clothing, stores.

Trends and attacks against the Frum community like this have been launched at our community and our representatives repeatedly, attacking our way of life, in New York, New Jersey or elsewhere.

Responding to the attacks Mayor Danzinger points out the contrast between him and his opponent, While my opponent dwells on bygones, I am focused on shaping a tomorrow where Surfside thrives. My mission is clear: to enhance the quality of life for each resident. I am dedicated to improving our infrastructure, ensuring our neighborhoods are safe and thriving, and fostering an environment that supports local businesses and creates opportunities for our community.

Let us leave the divisive politics of the past behind. Together, we can propel Surfside into a brighter future, a future defined by progress, safety, and an unwavering commitment to our residents.” Mayor Danzinger added.


This elections will take place on March 19 and coincide with Florida’s primary elections.

FrumNews.com would like to remind newly-arrived Surfside yidden, that may not be yet registered to vote in Florida, to register so you can have a voice for future Surfside elections for your Kehilla. To register to vote in Florida Click Here. To check if you are registered to vote Click Here.

FrumNews.com wishes Surfside Mayor Shlomo Danzinger much Hatzlacha on his re-election campaign,

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  • Shlomo Danzinger - Mayor, Town of Surfside FL 03/08/2024 | כ"ח אדר א' התשפ"ד

    Thank you so much for the wonderful article! It beautifully underscores the significance of our community’s vote in preserving what we’ve worked so hard to build here in Surfside. I truly hope it serves as a wake-up call for everyone.

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