“Shooting Incident” Breaks Out Between Israeli and Egyptian Forces at Rafah Border

Photo: IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip

In a rare instance, a “shooting incident” between the IDF and Egyptian forces at the Rafah Border Crossing in Gaza.

By FrumNews.com 

Yerushalayim—In an unusual and rare instance, a shootout between the IDF and Egyptian forces at the Rafah Border Crossing in Gaza.

Egyptian military forces unprovokedly opened fire on Israeli troops at the Rafah Border Crossing, The IDF responded with fire of their own. An Egyptian soldier was killed in the exchange, and two other Egyptian soldiers were injured. Baruch Hashem, IDF soldiers were not injured.

The IDF said, “A few hours ago (Monday), a “shooting incident” occurred on the Egyptian border. The incident is under review, and discussions are being held with the Egyptians.”

According to Israeli media, unidentified Israeli military sources blamed Egypt for a deadly exchange of fire on the Gaza-Egypt border.


There are growing fears that Hamas smuggled some of the Hostages into Egypt (or other Middle East and African countries via Egypt), ahead of the ongoing Rafah operation.

Shortly after Pesach, a Jewish businessman, was murdered in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria.

A day after the horrific attacks on Simchas Torah in Eretz Yisroel. Two Israeli citizens who were already in Egypt, along with their local tour guide, were shot and killed in a terror attack, while with a group of fellow Israeli citizens attempting to arrange travel arrangements back home since the outbreak of the war, this terrorist attack received little media coverage due to the Milchama.

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