Jewish Businessman Shot And Killed In Alexandria Egypt

Ziv Kiefer HY”D (center) putting on Tefillin with Chabad Bucherim

Ziv Kiefer, HY"D, A Jewish Israeli-Canadian businessman was murdered Tuesday in a possible terrorist attack in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria.


A Jewish businessman was murdered Tuesday in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria.

Ziv Kiefer, HY”D, is a dual Israeli-Canadian citizen. Kiefer was visiting Egypt on business.

He owned an Egyptian company, which exports fruits and vegetables worldwide.

Alexandria police are probing the circumstances surrounding the shooting and are trying to track down those responsible, which is being investigated as a terrorist attack.

The Israeli embassy in Cairo and Israel’s Foreign Ministry are in constant contact with Egyptian authorities as they investigate. 


A day after the horrific attacks on Simchas Torah in Eretz Yisroel. Two Israeli citizens who were already in Egypt, along with their local tour guide were shot and killed in a terror attack, while with a group of fellow Israeli citizens attempting to arrange travel arrangements back home since the outbreak of the war, this terrorist attack received little media coverage due to the Milchama.

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