Toms River Residents Unify In Support Of Suspended Police Chief

By - The newly elected Tom’s River Mayor Daniel Rodrick is making major changes to the town, including temporarily suspending the beloved Police Chief Mitch Little. Askonim and community activists are optimistic that they will put their differences aside and work together for the safety and security of all Toms River residents.

Toms River, NJ—The newly elected Mayor of Toms River, Daniel Rodrick, is making major changes to the township, some of which have its residents up in arms.

Amid a dispute over police funding and positions, the Toms River mayor temporarily suspended the beloved Police Chief Mitch Little. The two-day suspension resulted from an administrative issue over the mayor’s controversial decision to eliminate two captains’ positions in the police department.

The efforts by the mayors office to slim down the police department and the suspension of its chief, have indirectly led to a partial defunding of the department, hurting the security of the township and all its residents.

Askonim and community leaders told that the Police Chief is beloved among the Frum Kehilla and the general population. “[Police Chief Mitch] Little is known as a unifier, someone who brings the community and all its residents together.”

They added that they, “Are very optimistic that the Mayor and the Police Chief, both of whom want what is best for Toms River, will work again together for the safety and security of all Toms River residents”


The Esteemed Police Chief Mitch Little with the Tom’s River Kehillah:

  • At an TRCC event
  • Visiting the Dinov Shul
  • At a Misameach event

Singer and Musician Motti Feldman showing Hakaras Hatov to the Toms River Police Department!

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