The Safety of South Florida’s Jewish Community Is On The Ballot this August

Shlomo Danzinger at the Surfside Remembrance Event event marking one year from the callapse of the Champlain Towers South with Governor Ron Desantis and First Lady Jill Biden

Op-Ed by Floridian Mayoral Candidate Shlomo Danzinger: It was a Shabbat morning like any other. I was on my way to my friends house before heading to shul. As soon as I entered his home, I sensed something was wrong. “Did you hear?” he asked. “We’re under attack. There are over a thousand believed to be dead in Israel!”

By Shlomo Danzinger, Former Mayor of Surfside and Current Mayoral Candidate for Miami-Dade County, Florida.

It was a Shabbos morning like any other. I was on my way to my friend Ben’s house for our weekly pre-shacharis ‘Kiddush-Club’ before heading to shul. As soon as I entered his home, I sensed something was wrong. “Did you hear?” he asked. “We’re under attack. There are over a thousand believed to be dead!”

It was the morning of October 7, 2023, and Israel had been attacked only hours earlier. As we walked into shul, details were sparse. Congregants, many with family in Israel, crowded around the security office, trying to get updates from the guards.

It was Simchas Torah, the most joyous holiday in the Jewish calendar, yet the atmosphere was that of a nation in mourning. As the magnitude of the attack began to form, our thoughts turned to the safety of our community. Surfside is a vibrant Jewish community that is eight blocks long, complete with seven Orthodox Shuls.

That day, I was not just acting as the Vice Chair of the Shul’s Security Committee, but the Mayor of our town. Facing a real threat of pekuach nefesh, I took out my phone, which I carry as an active member of Hatzalah, and called the Chief of Police. I described the situation and fear circulating within the Jewish community. We immediately sent officers to each shul and intensified our police presence within the community.

A few days later, a global intifada was declared, and Jewish communities worldwide went on high alert. Our small town was short on resources, even with officers on overtime. I spent the next few days contacting state officials for additional support. While I can’t disclose all the agencies and resources deployed, I will attest that together, we ensured our community’s safety.

In the weeks that followed, Israelis on visas in the U.S. sought my help to return to Israel for Sherut Milu’im (reserve duty). I would spend my days arranging funding and coordinating transportation of supplies vital to Israel’s ongoing war. Those weeks were grueling, but eventually, a system was established, and efforts became more organized.

Looking back, I truly believe this is why Hashem placed me in office – to lead during those critical weeks. Had my opponent been in office, the response would have been very different.

My opponent, who won the recent Surfside election in March 2024, represents a demographic resentful of the Frum community, blaming us for the town’s growth and vitality. Since taking office, he has used selective code enforcement against Shul’s, attempted to shut one down, and delayed business permits for new kosher establishments, claiming the town has enough places closed on Shabbat. Losing the election to this man was upsetting, but I trust that G-d has greater plans.

In a post-October 7th world, the security and safety of the Jewish community are paramount. Antisemitism has surged in the U.S., making cities and universities once safe for Jews increasingly hostile. The Great State of Florida stands as a bastion of law and order, with state legislators vocally supporting the Jewish community and Israel. However, this sentiment is not resonating here in Miami-Dade County.

  • Shlomo Danzinger with Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis
  • Former Surfside Mayor Shlomo Danzinger during the sister city pact with the Shomron Region of Israel
  • Shlomo Danzinger with South Florida Law Enforcement
  • Former Surfside Mayor Shlomo Danzinger during the sister city pact with the Shomron Region of Israel

Our current County Mayor, Daniella Levine-Cava, a politician who evokes her Judaism when convenient, has been notably silent on supporting Israel during this war. To avoid controversy, she did not light the menorah at Miami-Dade County Hall this year and did not attend the annual Yom Hazikaron ceremony for the victims of terror hosted by the Israeli Consulate. She even canceled the County’s annual ‘Day of Prayer’ because some pastors planned to publicly support Israel. Simultaneously, she has provided police protection for pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

Why would a Jewish politician act this way? The sad truth is that as a woke Democrat with deep ties to the Biden administration and greater political aspirations, her priorities must align with her party’s agenda. Even when called upon to speak against antisemitism, she dilutes the message with broader discussions about tolerance for the LGBTQ and other communities, pushing the party’s narrative instead.

Here’s the concerning reality: the woke Democratic culture not only sides with terrorist sympathizers but also financially backs these protesters. A recent article by Politico titled “Pro-Palestinian Protesters are Backed by a Surprising Source: Biden’s Biggest Donors” highlights that the same money funding antisemitic protests is fueling the Democratic Party. How can we, as Jews, trust our security to leaders associated with a party tied to this anti-Zionist movement?

Recent attacks and a pogrom this week on a Jewish Community in Los Angeles highlight the need for strong conservative leadership in order to protect our communities here in South Florida.

In the past two years, Miami-Dade has been shifting toward Republican leadership as increasing numbers of people become disillusioned with the progressive Democratic agenda and choose to vote conservative. If Daniella Levine-Cava faces a runoff, a scenario that is looking very likely, a strong conservative candidate is expected to win in November.

I am running for office, but I am not a career politician. Politics has traditionally been about compromise, but today’s issues go beyond that. When one side is intent on normalizing violence and outwardly supports terrorists, these are no longer merely partisan disagreements. This is a battle between good and evil.

I am prepared to fight for the safety and moral integrity of Miami-Dade County. However, I cannot do it alone. I am asking for your support, more importantly, for your vote in this pivotal election. Together, we can ensure that Miami-Dade remains a safe haven for our Jewish community.

Key Election Dates:

  • Election Day: August 20th
  • Voter Registration Deadline: July 22nd
  • Vote-by-Mail Ballot Request Deadline: August 8th

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and unrest, thousands of young Jewish families have left New York, New Jersey, and California and resettled in Miami-Dade, Florida. would like to remind the newly-arrived Yidden in the district, who may not yet be registered to vote in Florida, to register so you can have a voice in Florida elections in your community. To register to vote in Florida, Click Here. wishes candidate Shlomo Danzinger much success on his election campaign.

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  • I appreciate this article.! 06/27/2024 | כ"א סיון התשפ"ד

    We are very proud of the work done by Shlomo Danzinger, and it’s an embarrassment that no one showed up to vote for his Re-election.

    People have to stop assuming that someone else will do it. Wake up people, go vote.

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