President Biden Signs Aid Bill Giving $95 Billion To Israel and Ukraine 

File Photo: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with US President Joe Biden, a the Start of their Expanded Meeting on October 18, 2023. Photo: Chaim Zach, GPO

The U.S. Senate passed, and President Joe Biden quickly signed the aid bill, days after it passed the House, which would provide billions of dollars in critical military assistance to Israel and Ukraine.


Washington, DC — The U.S. Senate passed, and President Joe Biden quickly signed the aid bill, days after it passed the House, which would provide billions of dollars in critical military assistance to Israel and Ukraine. 

As reported last week, the House Republican leadership unveiled their House’s national security supplemental plan, which would fund Eretz Yisroel, Ukraine and Taiwan. The primary aid bills passed the House on Shabbos.

The three bills will provide $26.4 billion in aid to Eretz Yisroel, $60.8 billion to Ukraine amid its war with Russia, and $8.1 billion to counter China in the Indo-Pacific, including billions for Taiwan.

The Israel bill also includes more than $9.1 billion “to address humanitarian needs in Gaza,” which Democrats said was necessary for their support. (For what it’s worth, the bill does stipulate that the Department of State “prevent the diversion, misuse, or destruction of assistance through international organizations to Hamas or any other terrorist and extremist entities in Gaza.”)

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed the House’s version of the bill. Later in the day, President Joe Biden signed the aid bills. 

President Biden hailed the bill’s passing: “Tonight, a bipartisan majority in the Senate joined the House to answer history’s call at this critical inflection point. Congress has passed legislation to strengthen our national security and send a message to the world about the power of American leadership: we stand resolutely for democracy and freedom, and against tyranny and oppression.”

“The need is urgent: for Ukraine, facing unrelenting bombardment from Russia; for Israel, which just faced unprecedented attacks from Iran; and for our partners seeking security and stability in the Indo-Pacific. This critical legislation will make our nation and world more secure as we support our friends who are defending themselves against terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin.”

“The United States must make absolutely clear in both word and deed, not just today, but every day—and without equivocation—that we stand with Israel,” Lakewood area Rep. Chris Smith said. 

“We have a solemn duty as the leader of the free world to stand up to those who seek to undermine it,” Monsey/Rockland County Congressman Mike Lawler said. “Iran, Russia, and China are all autocratic actors who seek to undermine democracy, assault freedom, and eradicate the United States’ influence abroad – and we cannot let that happen.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu celebrated the passing of the aid to Israel, “The US Congress just overwhelmingly passed a much-appreciated aid bill that demonstrates strong bipartisan support for Israel and defends Western civilization. Thank you friends. Thank you, America!”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy likewise celebrated the Ukrainian aid, “We appreciate every sign of support for our country and its independence, people, and way of life, which Russia is attempting to bury under the rubble. America has demonstrated its leadership since the first days of this war. Exactly this type of leadership is required to maintain a rules-based international order and predictability for all nations.”

Nathan Diament, Executive Director of Public Policy at the Orthodox Union, said:  “Congress continues to stand in solidarity with Israel as it confronts Hamas – and its backer, Iran – and defends the Jewish State’s inherent right to exist. We are very thankful for the House’s approval of military assistance to Israel, along with the funding allocated to the Nonprofit Security Grant Program. At this time of surging antisemitism, the NSGP security grants are essential to protect American Jewish communities.”

Rabbi Moshe Hauer, Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union, said: “With the arrival of Passover, a Jewish holiday celebrating freedom, it is especially meaningful to see the American legislature come together to support Israel in its war against Hamas. True freedom comes when leaders display unapologetic moral clarity and safeguard the right of all citizens to freely practice their religion. We are grateful to see both of these goals prioritized today.”

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