Congress To Vote On Aid Bill Giving Billions To Eretz Yisroel, Gaza and Ukraine

President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris meet with congressional leadership to discuss the bipartisan supplement agreement for foreign aid on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schutlz

The House Republican leadership unveiled their House’s national security supplemental plan, which would fund Eretz Yisroel, Ukraine and Taiwan.


The House Republican leadership unveiled their House’s national security supplemental plan, which would fund Eretz Yisroel, Ukraine and Taiwan.

The three bills would provide aid to Eretz Yisroel to the tune of $26.4 billion, $60.8 billion to Ukraine, amid its war with Russia, and $8.1 billion to counter China in the Indo-Pacific, including billions for Taiwan.

The Israel bill also includes more than $9.1 billion “to address humanitarian needs in Gaza,” which Democrats said was necessary for their support. (For what it’s worth, the bill does stipulate that the Department of State “prevent the diversion, misuse, or destruction of assistance through international organizations to Hamas or any other terrorist and extremist entities in Gaza.”)

The bills have been delayed in the House for the past two months, and it might topple the leadership of House Republicans as calls to oust the Speaker, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA), grow louder due to his deal with the Democrats.

In October 2023, after then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy made a last-minute budget deal with Democrats. He was later ousted in a vote with eight GOP hard-liners and all Democrats. This led to a theatrical round of votes for a new speaker before finally landing on the virtually unknown Rep. Mike Johnson.

The new aid bill, which GOP hard-liners oppose, might topple Johnson’s speakership. Earlier this week, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) joined Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s (R-GA) motion to vacate the speakership.

This time around the the outcome might change as Democrats are signaling that they may be willing to save the speaker if this bill goes through, but have not ruled out their position yet.

“I’m not asking the Democrats to get involved in that. Look, I’m trying to govern and lead this institution,” Rep. Mike Johnson said of the prospect of losing the speaker’s gavel. The speaker’s job is effectively impossible… because we live in a very divided time and very divisive politics in the age of social media, [the] 24-hour news cycle, where everybody can express their opinions every moment of the day.”

“It’s such a dangerous time on the world stage and that look, I don’t walk around thinking about the motion to vacate. It’s a procedural matter here that I think it’s been abused in recent times. Maybe at some point, we change.” He continued, “Right now, I’ve got to do my job. And so do all my colleagues. And I’m confident at the end of the day, in spite of all the drama, and all the palace intrigue, I think we’re gonna get that done.”

“I strongly support this package to get critical support to Israel and Ukraine, and bolster security and stability in the Indo-Pacific. Israel is facing unprecedented attacks from Iran, and Ukraine is facing continued bombardment from Russia that has intensified dramatically in the last month.” US President Joe Biden said in a statement. “The House must pass the package this week and the Senate should quickly follow. I will sign this into law immediately to send a message to the world: We stand with our friends, and we won’t let Iran or Russia succeed.”

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