London: Attempt Kidnapper Arrested, Charged with “Assault” Released on Bail

Stamford Hill Shomrim published Clear CCTV footage showing the terrifying struggle of a Jewish boy, who, B’Chasdei Hashem, thwarted the attempted kidnapping of his baby brother. Suspect arrested, charges downgraded and released on "bail".


Stamford Hill, London — On Monday, Stamford Hill Shomrim published Clear CCTV footage showing the terrifying struggle of a Jewish boy, who, B’Chasdei Hashem, thwarted the attempted kidnapping of his baby brother.

As reported, the attempted abduction took place on Thursday, the second day of Shavuos, outside the Lubavitch House on the A10 in the center of the Stamford Hill Kehilla.

London Metropolitan Police confirmed the incident, “Met officers have been made aware of this footage showing a man assaulting a person pushing a pram (stroller).”

The suspect ran off after the failed attempted kidnapping. Police said in a statement that the suspect was quickly apprehended by the public.” Witnesses told Shomrim that they believed this was an anti-Semitic attack.

“Members of the public had detained a man in relation to an assault that had taken place about 15 minutes earlier. The man was arrested on suspicion of common assault.”

Ridiculously, this attack was not classified as an attempted kidnap (which you could clearly see in the video) by officials, but rather downgraded to a common assault, even when witnesses said this was an abduction attempt and this perpetrator is a danger to the public.

Police said that this suspect was later released onbail“. They added they are still investigating. “This investigation is ongoing and the motives of the suspect will be kept under consideration.”

Shomrim later released another video of the same offender—who attempted the kidnapping—punching a Frum man on his way back from Shul. (Shomrim added that the suspect may have committed further Hate Crimes and are investigating).

It’s not the first time the officials have classified attacks wrongly. Last week, officials refused to classify an anti-Semitic attack in Hendon as a “hate crime.”

The Tottenham Conservative Association released a statement, “A Jewish child & baby almost kidnapped in Stamford Hill. We encourage the victim to come forward. The rising tide of violence & anti-semitism on our streets must be stopped and it can be stopped.” They added that [the Mayor of London] “Sadiq Khan you are failing on stopping crime, we need Conservatives.”

Stamford Hill Shomrim and Metropolitan Police are appealing to the Stamford Hill Kehilla and the public for information. Anyone who witnessed it and has not yet spoken to the police is asked to call 101, giving the reference 3053/13JUN24.

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  • Jack 06/19/2024 | י"ג סיון התשפ"ד

    I pray for the Jewish community in London

  • Brooklyn Jew 06/18/2024 | י"ב סיון התשפ"ד

    London – New York, it’s all the same with weak government leadership, not only do they fail to prevent crime, and fail to prosecute crime. They downgrade and dismiss criminal charges and make like “Crime is Down”.

    In London its called Liberals/Labour, In New York its called Democrats. They both destroy the city and country that they were born, raised and live in.

    Its time to elected law and order Republicans (or for England/London Conservatives)

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