Lakewood: Jack Ciattarelli Announces Candidacy For NJ Governor

NJ Governor candidate Jack Ciattarelli meeting with Askunim in Toms River during his 2021 race

Jack Ciattarelli Announces Candidacy For New Jersey Governor again. Running for the 2025 Republican nomination. Lakewood Askunim and NJ Frum community leaders urging all newly eligible young voters to immediately register.


Former New Jersey Assemblyman and the 2021 Republican nominee for NJ governor Jack Ciattarelli officially kicked off his third run for the Republican gubernatorial nomination last night, at an event at the historic American Hotel in Freehold.

Speaking to a room full of supporters at the American Hotel, Ciattarelli promised to steer the state back from the progressive far-left radicals after two terms under a Democrat. The candidate pledged to follow through on what he’s proposed in his last two runs: Promote school choice, public safety, cutting taxes and pursue a constitutional amendment to put term limits on state lawmakers.

“Time to give a voice back to parents, time for a Governor that will support our police, time to get serious about cutting property taxes, time to make New Jersey a state that can compete and where every family can live their American Dream.”

In 2021, he nearly beat Democrat Governor Phil Murphy for Governor, losing by just 3% of the vote. He hopes to recapture his momentum from the past race to win this open election.

Following the 2021 gubernatorial election, which Governor Phil Murphy won by just under 90,000 votes, a prominent ‘Frum news’ website went against the Lakewood Vaad, claiming they may be responsible for handing the Democratic Governor a second term against his Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli. They claimed that the Republican would have won if the Vaad had endorsed Ciattarelli—although the margin of victory was nearly 90,000 votes, with most Lakewood area residents anyway voted for the Republican, by a wide margin.


At this time it is to early to tell which direction Lakewood leadership will be supporting for the 2025 Governor, U.S. Senate (NJ), and other important local races.  But regardless of who gets endorsed, Lakewood and New Jersey Askunim along with many frum community activists are strongly urging all newly eligible young voters that have not registered yet, to immediately register to vote so they can have a say in this crucial and important election which will directly affect our entire Kehilla. encourages all our New Jersey readers to register to vote ahead of the upcoming primary and general election

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  • Sol Leb 04/11/2024 | ג' ניסן התשפ"ד

    Yiddin Please don’t make the same mistake you did 4 years ago!

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