Five Frum IDF Soldiers Killed In Severe Friendly-Fire Incident In Gaza

The IDF confirmed that a tragic friendly fire incident in northern Gaza, involving the Frum Chetz Battalion of the Tzanchanim Paratroopers Brigade, which resulted in the deaths of five soldiers and the injury of seven soldiers.


The IDF confirmed that a tragic friendly-fire incident in northern Gaza, which resulted in the deaths of five soldiers and the injury of seven soldiers in a major incident Wednesday afternoon.

The Israeli soldiers were part of the Frum Chetz (202 Battalion) in the Tzanchanim Paratroopers Brigade. 

The incident occurred in Jabalia, Gaza, where Hamas terrorists have been attempting to regroup. The IDF’s Initial investigation suggested that a tank mistakenly fired two shells at a building where soldiers were stationed. The soldiers had informed the tank crews (which were out of the immediate zone) that they were establishing a post within the building. Later, the tank operators observed a gun protruding from one of the building’s windows and mistakenly fired two shells, believing it to be a threat posed by armed Hamas terrorists.

The five Kedoshim tragically killed because of the war with Hamas terrorists were identified as:

  • Captain. Roy Beit Yaakov HY”D, 22, from Yishuv Eli
  • Staff Sgt. Gilad Arye Boim HY”D, 22, from Karnei Shomron
  • Sergeant. Daniel Chemu HY”D, 20 , from Tiveria
  • Sergeant. Ilan Cohen HY”D, 20, from Karmiel (Lone Soldier, made Aliyah from Argentina)
  • Staff Sgt. Betzalel David Shashuah HY”D, 21, from Tel Aviv

Additionally, seven soldiers sustained injuries, with three in serious condition.

They were swiftly airlifted by Israeli Air Force combat helicopters to hospitals in Eretz Yisroel.

The IDF investigation into the incident is still ongoing and is checking whether the tank crews crossed the boundaries set for them, whether there was a misidentification, and whether high operational tension of continuous surprise attacks by Hamas terrorists led to the hasty decision to fire the tank’s gun.

At the Levaya of Gilad Ayeh Boim today, his sister Chen said these remarkable words: “We would like to send a hug from here to all the soldiers of the IDF and it is important for us to also say to our beloved soldiers that carried out the shooting yesterday that we hug you and there is no anger in our hearts towards you. It is clear to us that your whole purpose was for the sake of the people of Israel. Keep going in your important mission and when you can, come to us for a visit”.

Please take a few moments to be Mispallel and say Tehillim for the wounded IDF soldiers.


Since the start of the Milchama on Simchas Torah, thousands of Frum Israelis and Charedim have voluntarily enlisted on their own into the IDF, mostly joining and expanding the already established Frum Chassidishe units in combat divisions such as:

Netzach YehudaNachal Charedi Battalion in Kfir.

Tomer Battalion in Givati.

Chetz Battalion in Tzanchanim (Paratroopers) which these soldiers were part of.

As well as the popular Shachar Kachol non-combat unit established for Yingerleit.

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  • Condolences 05/16/2024 | ח' אייר התשפ"ד

    Sincere condolences from Australia 🇦🇺 to the families and friends of the soldiers. I wish you all long life.

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