“Everyone Is Transferring” – Jewish Colleges Step Up As Ivy Leagues Fail

This 1930’s – 2024 image speaks for itself

"Everyone Is Leaving" Jewish students Transfer & Flee En-Masse from Elite Universities. The chaos from the pro-Hamas protests, riots and encampments at Columbia University and other elite colleges and universities resulted in the immediate plummet in the prestige and reputation of the American university system, especially for Ivy Leagues.

By FrumNews.com 

Upper West Side, NY — Following the exclusive detailed report by FrumNews.com on Columbia U. The chaos from the recent pro-Hamas protests, riots and encampments at Columbia University and other elite colleges and universities resulted in the immediate plummet in the prestige and reputation of the American university system, especially for Ivy Leagues.

Not just their value, as Jewish students, who were intimidated, bullied, physically attacked and in many cases blocked from entering the campus—simply for being Jewish, the college campuses proved they couldn’t protect the students. Drawing a parallel to the events of Nazi Germany in the late 1930s—the years leading up to the Shoah.

In the aftermath of the violence at prestigious American college campuses, two schools of thought among the Jewish student body and Jewish faculty arose.

The minority side said we should stay and fix it from the inside, claiming that the colleges are not rotten.

The majority side was less optimistic, to say the least, rightfully saying that the college system is rotten from the top down, as we see from the testimonies of college presidents and faculty when they deflect blame for their own policies, which then causes an unsafe campus for its Jewish students.

The majority of Jewish students and professors in blue cities have had enough, and thousands have recently transferred to Yeshiva University (YU) and Touro University in New York City, as well as many other pro-America universities in the Southern States, before next semester.

Both Touro and YU have extended a lifeline and a safe campus with extended registration and special scholarship funds for the students affected. They have also offered study programs in Israel.

A spokesperson for Touro University told FrumNews.com, “Touro has been fielding calls and inquiries as well as facilitating admissions from students at various colleges and universities who are seeking to transfer as they no longer feel comfortable on their current campuses, and would like to pursue their education and career training in an environment where they feel safe. Touro is offering a Safe Campus Scholarship to undergraduate students who seek to transfer to a school committed to a safe academic environment.

As the protests, encampments and attacks took place at Columbia University, the leaders at Jewish colleges spoke out and offered a lifeline to Jewish students:

“College students should be focused on their studies and shouldn’t have to experience hate, violence and antisemitism while pursuing their education and professional training,” said Dr. Alan Kadish, president of Touro University, in April. “Like many, we’ve been appalled by the inability of university leaders to address the rising antisemitism on campuses. This has inspired Touro to create solutions that both protect people seeking higher education while staying true to our school’s founding mission.”

“We cannot ignore the profound distress we have been witnessing.” Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, President of Yeshiva University (YU), said in an open letter. “No Jewish student should have to face the threats and intimidation that has sadly been taking place. While our enrollments are already full for the coming year, we at the flagship Jewish university will not turn our backs on these students.”

“We have also heard from top-tier faculty across the country who are feeling uncomfortable on their current campuses and are interested in being part of an institution whose core values align with their own,” R’ Berman continued. “For the future of higher education, the American university system needs to meet the challenges of this moment. Universities need to be safe for Jews, not free from Jews. I have devoted much time this year to finding and partnering with bridge builders, and I look forward to working with my colleagues from universities across the country to build a brighter future together.”

In all, thousands of Jewish students have transferred en-masse before next semester to more American-friendly universities that love our great country. Many are transferring to Yeshiva University (YU) and Touro College.


FrumNews.com would like to acknowledge the brave Jewish students at Columbia University, who—despite being subjected to a whole month of vile anti-Semitic attacks by fellow classmates and professors—stood tall as proud Jews defending Eretz Yisroel while completing their studies with courage, dignity and respect. We especially congratulate the many Jewish students at Columbia who have recently graduated.

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  • Yeshiva Bochur 06/10/2024 | ד' סיון התשפ"ד

    As a former Yeshiva Bochur, I learned important life skills in Yeshiva, I may not have got a degree of some sort, but i was taught life skills from learning Torah. BH I am running my own successful independent business, because of my yeshiva education.

    I understand if someone goes to college to get a degree and become a doctor, lawyer etc. But most of these “free Gaza” mishugoyim are not actually learning a real degree, they are taking “general” classes (when and if they attend those classes and are not busy rioting).
    And not just now, but always college students have been taking “general” study classes while parting most of their college years.

    What normal minded parent would send their children to waste four years of their lives taking “general” classes?

    With that be said, the Heimishe colleges are amazing, a few friends went there to receive a certain degree, the heimishe colleges are serious universities with no wasted time. Unlike the “Elite” university’s etc.

  • Defund Columbia from tax credits 06/10/2024 | ד' סיון התשפ"ד

    “In simple language, the difference between what is going on in Columbia and the University of Gaza is just its location.”

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