Columbia’s Anti-Semitic Protests Shows A Jewish Problem In New York

An exclusive detailed report on the Columbia protests by As anti-Israel agitators at Columbia University held a mass-protest and riot in support of Hamas, using vile Anti-Semitic language aimed at fellow Jewish students on campus.

An exclusive detailed report by

Just as Yidden across the country were to begin celebrating Pesach, our liberation from Mitzrayim, we were harshly reminded of what we say in the Haggadah: “She’bechol Dor Vador – In each and every generation, a person is obligated to see oneself as if they left Mitzrayim…” As anti-Israel agitators at Columbia University held a mass-protest and riot in support of Hamas, using vile Anti-Semitic language aimed at fellow Jewish students on campus.

We were harshly reminded we are still in Galus.

Last month, the President of Columbia University was called to testify before Congress and explain how the top Ivy League University had become a hotbed of Anti-Semitic vitriol, endangering the lives of the students. Appallingly, the university president claimed “it wasn’t her responsibility” to deal with Anti-Semitism.

Almost immediately, a mass pro-Hamas encampment broke out at Columbia University. The American flag on the tentpole was destroyed and replaced with the green flag of Hamas terrorists. Jewish Columbia students were physically blocked and assaulted trying to enter the buildings, and posters of vicious Anti-Semitic slang and threats were put up.

As the protest wore on, and days turned into weeks, it became clear that the pro-Hamas and Anti-Semitic rhetoric was not only by radical students, but was being encouraged by the Columbia Leadership and a large portion of Columbia facility staff and radical professors.

Many couldn’t help but draw a parallel to the events of Nazi Germany in the late 1930s – the years leading up to the Shoah.

In simple language, the difference between what is going on in Columbia and the University of Gaza is just its location. Jewish students were greeted with signs telling them to “go back to Poland and Europe” and a kaffiyeh-clad classmate holding a sign saying “al-Qassam’s (which is Hamas) next targets.” In another instance, an Israeli Arab student was bloodily attacked for saying Hamas is terrible.

Undoubtedly, university administrations from coast to coast who have been allowing this behavior to go on for months are squarely to blame. It is their lack of leadership and moral clarity that is causing a mass crisis at Ivy League universities across the country.

At the University of Texas, law enforcement immediately arrested dozens of pro-Hamas protesters within an hour of their encampment. At Emory University in Georgia, officers used tasers and pepper balls to bring the crowd under control the same day. Several people – including professors – were placed in handcuffs. At the University of Florida, directed by the Republican Governor, arrests were instantly made. Those students arrested in Florida are facing suspension and banishment from campus since they broke university rules.

Meanwhile, new pro-Hamas student encampments are continuing to sprout at Harvard, Yale, and other universities located in New England, Wisconsin, and California, all Democrat-controlled cities and states.

In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams condemned the vile protesters, saying that he is “horrified and disgusted with the Anti-Semitism being spewed…Supporting a terrorist organization that aims to kill Jews is sickening and despicable. Hate has no place in our city.”

Yet, it took a week and a half to start making arrests at colleges. A week and a half of terror for the Jewish Students at Columbia in New York City. Because City Hall and the State Capital didn’t have a nerve for a week and a half. Not much has been done in as much as a slap on the wrist. No criminal indictments for the hate crimes. No hard stance from the City.

But Eric Adams will return to his tried-and-tested strategy of passing “the buck” onto others in officials that this is someone else’s problem. “My hands are tied because Columbia is a private university,” he says now. My hands are tied because of the supermajority far-left in the City Council and State legislators,” he says of the daily crime.

Talking the talk, supporting Eretz Yisroel, demanding the release of our hostages and understanding the Klal’s safety concerns, for which the frum community is very much appreciative to the mayor. But when the local politicians don’t act and order the NYPD to stand down for hours during each protest that is illegally blocking the roadways before taking action—problems then arise.

The Frum Community’s Response

To those Askunim who immediately defend ‘The get stuff done’ administration’s lack of leadership instead of using their relationship and connections to help direct the mayor to better assist the Jewish and Frum communities, we very respectfully say to you: Instead of defending the city for its lack of leadership, try finding ways utilizing your positive influence for the city to help the Frum Olam.

By contrast, in southern cities, we have seen dozens of cops deterring protests from going violent, yet in New York, the NYPD went silent for weeks until the mob completely barricaded the entire campus. Columbia is a private university, it is somewhat understood why the mayor didn’t send the NYPD in until requested by Columbia U. But at the City and NY State public colleges like CUNY and SUNY, among others, the brave NYPD officers has likewise been directed to stand down from stopping the Anti-Semitic onslaught until it got way out of hand.

In states like Texas and Florida, there are viral videos of pro-Hamas protesters on the sidewalk with dozens of Sheriff Deputies surrounding them, and if any of the protesters dare step one foot by accident on the street, they get arrested. In NYC, there are nightly pro-Hamas agitators gridlocking our great city by blocking streets, highways and bridges, yet why are the NYPD orders way too soft on the protests? Only after all limits are pushed after many hours of shutting down the city’s travel of public bridges and roadways are the police given the green light to make arrests.

Does City Hall think that if they let Hamas’niks block the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, they will just leave after 5 minutes? Why do they wait hours until allowing the NYPD to do what needs to be done, the police are fully capable of opening up the roads after a few minutes—if they are told to.

Additionally, the city rarely charges any protestors blocking the streets with more than a non-criminal desk ticket for a later date. Even if the Manhattan DA won’t prosecute, it is up to the city to press charges.

Yes, Mayor Adams has been a strong supporter of Eretz Yisroel, we applaud him for that, but locally he is the Rosh Ha’Iyr of the largest Jewish community outside of Eretz Yisroel. He should own it by taking control of this situation. That is the message that mainstream Askunim should be telling the mayor.

Some of our Frum leaders, such as Dov Hikind of Americans Against Anti-Semitism, Flatbush Councilmember Inna Vernikov, Boro Park Councilmember Kalman Yeger and Flatbush community activist Izzy Weiss, have been raising the alarm about this issue since (and before) the attacks on Simchas Torah.

Professor Shai Davidai, a proud Yid and Israeli-born American business professor at Columbia University in Manhattan, has been shedding light on the inside anti-Semitic information that Colombia has been breeding. Shockingly, on erev Pesach, Columbia revoked Professor Davidai’s credentials and key card and denied him entry into Columbia. Many have seen the viral video of when the COO of Columbia called the police and had the NYPD physically block professional Davidai from entering the university while telling the police not to bother the rioting anti-American students nearby advocating for Hamas terrorists.

Sharp-eyed commentators have also noticed that on many college campuses, all the tents by the Hamas ‘encampments’ are the same make, model and color, clearly showing that it’s being funded by Soros-type anti-American radicals and non-profits.

All the common-sense citizens in the room said to fix (arrest) the problem before it gets out of hand, Columbia waited until it got out of hand.

Blame for what happened in Columbia is equally reserved for New York Governor Kathy Hochul. Except for a useless ‘Tweet’ saying it’s not nice to ban and assault Jewish students at Columbia University, the governor’s refusal to send then the much-needed NY National Guard is inexcusable.

Furthermore, it comes at a time when radical far-left politicians in Albany are constantly attacking our Yeshivas, demanding it be more like the “general educational system.”

Contrasting our Chinuch to that of the dysfunctional New York City public school system is a no-brainer.

But here is an opportunity to portray the beautiful education, chinuch and upbringing that our dear children proudly receive. To the failed education of the top Ivy League universities, with many of their college students acting like sub-human characters.

The Bottom Line

These protesters are anti-American, they don’t just hate Jews. They hate America and glorify terrorism.

Many far-left squad-style elected officials, from local levels in NYC to Congress, are calling for the protests to intensify, wanting riots to be the new normal.

Other liberal, progressive politicians and elected officials who have a good shprach with the Yiddishe kehilla are releasing half-baked statements calling on “all sides” to be peaceful, while these statements are better than nothing, there’s no action proceeding them.

*** would like to acknowledge the brave Jewish students at Columbia University, who, despite being subjected to a full month of anti-Semitic attacks by fellow classmates and professors, stood tall as proud Jews defending Eretz Yisroel and finished their studies with courage, dignity and respect. We especially congratulate the many Jewish students who have recently graduated.

We have also gotten confirmation that over 100 Jewish Columbia students and almost a dozen Jewish Columbia professors and faculty are transferring before next semester to more pro-American universities. Most are transferring to Yeshiva University and Touro College.

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