4 IDF Soldiers From The Same Brigade Killed in Gaza

Over the weekend, The IDF has confirmed the heartbreaking news of four soldiers killed in Gaza from the same brigade: Dennis Yekimov, 33, HY"D; Dolev Malka, 19 HY"D. Afik Tery, 19, HY"D; Inon Yitzhak, 19, HY"D.

Over the weekend, The IDF has confirmed the heartbreaking news of four soldiers killed in Gaza while defending the Yidden of Eretz Yisroel.

Three of the Israeli Soldiers were killed when they entered a two-story building in Khan Yunis near Gush Katif, which had been booby-trapped with explosives. Many IDF forces both inside and outside the building were  also wounded by 2 different sets of explosives

The soldiers entered the building to ensure no hamas terrorists were present as it sits along a road used for the supply chain of IDF vehicles entering and exiting the city.

Three soldiers and 14 others were injured in the southern Gaza on Friday.

The fallen Kedoshim were named as

Sgt. Dolev Malka, 19, from Shlomi in Northern Israel.

Sgt. Afik Tery, 19, from Rechovot.

Sgt. Inon Yitzhak, 19, from Mitzpe Ramon.

Three of the IDF soldiers were part of the Nachshon Battalion(90) of the Kfir Brigade, they were in the IDF’s training school for infantry squad commanders 450th of Bislamach Brigade when the war broke out on Simchas Torah.

An Israeli Air Force combat helicopter sent to assist them shot at and killed several Hamas terrorists in the area, and who are believed to have booby-trapped the building with explosives and detonated it at a close distance.

The unit entered Gaza on Thursday, replacing Tzanchanim (paratroopers brigade) who had been in Gaza for the past several months.

On Shabbos, Squad Major (reserve.) Dennis Yekimov, 33, Bislamach Brigade’s 17th Battalion from Beersheba fell in battle in Khan Yunis near Gush Katif.

The total number of IDF Soldiers killed in the ground offensive against Hamas terrorist in Gaza has unfortunately risen to 246.

Hashem Yikom Damam

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