Ukraine’s Jewish President Meets Chabad Shluchim, Lights Menorah

On the occasion of the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Chabad Shluchim took part in the Chanukah candle lighting ceremony.

Chief Rabbi of Dnipro Shmuel Kaminetsky lit the large central candle of the Chanukah and recited the blessing in Hebrew. After that, a single icon lamp was lit on the Chanukah. He noted the significance of the Chanukah holiday, which symbolizes the possibility of a miracle.

Rabbi Meir Stambler, Chairman of the Council of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine, also noted that the primary message of Chanukah to tell the world about miracles.

“And you, Mr. President, with your leadership, can tell the world about the miracle of Ukraine,” he said.

For his part, Volodymyr Zelenskyy congratulated the Jewish community on Chanukah.

“This holiday is about the victory of the human spirit. And that’s the most important. I wish all of you, us, and everyone who is always on the side of light, on the side of Ukraine and its people, on the side of life – Happy Chanukah and victory,” noted the Head of the State.

The ceremony was attended by: Chairman of the Council of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine Meir Stambler, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine Rabbi Raphael Rutman; Chief Rabbi of the Jewish religious community of the Central Synagogue of Kyiv Moshe Azman; Chief Rabbi of Lviv Mordechai Bald; Chief Rabbi of Uzhhorod Menachem Mendel Wilhelm, Chief Rabbi of Zhytomyr Shlomo Wilhelm, Chief Rabbi of Odesa Avrohom Wollf, Chief Rabbi of Kryvyi Rih Leron Ederi, Chief Rabbi of Dnipro Shmuel Kaminetsky, Chief Rabbi of Kharkiv Moshe Moskovitz, Chief Rabbi of Sumy Yechiel Levitansky, Chief Rabbi of Beit Menachem Chabad Synagogue (Kyiv) Jonathan Markovitch.

As part of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine program “Holiday to every Household – Chanukah,” Jewish families from over 150 Jewish communities have received 42,000 festive Chanukah sets to celebrate the holiday in their homes.

Each set includes a Chanukah menorah, candles, holiday guides, family puzzles, games, and tasty treats.

Photo Credit: Ukrainian Government Press Office

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