TODAY: Monsey’s Aron Wieder Is Running for NYS Assembly

Election day is today, June 25th is primary day in New York State, as well as other races • Askun and Rockland Legislator Aron Wieder is running for the New York State Assembly's 97th District as a Democratic candidate


Rockland County, NY – Askun and Rockland Legislator Aron Wieder is running for the New York State Assembly’s 97th District as a Democratic candidate.

Aron Wieder, a Belz Chossid and a graduate of Yeshivas Machzikei Hadas, is currently a Rockland County legislator, which he has been serving since 2011, representing Spring Valley and Monsey, serving as chair of the Budget & Finance Committee.

In March, Aron announced he was running at the Democratic Committee meeting in the Town of Orangetown

NY’s Assembly’s 97th District has been reshaped to include major Frum communities, including Monsey and New Square. The district leans Republican, having elected Mike Lawler as our Assemblyman in 2020 before he ran for Congress.

If elected, he would be NY’s fourth Frum assemblymember, alongside Frum assemblyman Sam Berger of Kew Gardens Hills Queens, Eric “Ari” Brown of the 5 Towns, and Simcha Eichenstein of Boro Park and Flatbush (NYS District 48), giving New York’s Frum communities a bigger voice on important issues, including Yeshivas, Public Safety and Eretz Yisroel

In New York, where Democrats hold a super majority, running as a Democrat raises your platform and flipping a district gives an even bigger voice. Last November, Rabbi Avi Schnall from Agudah ran as a Democrat for the NJ Assembly and beat the incumbent Republican, flipping the Lakewood NJ district. He was then appointed to the important Education, State and Local Government committees that affect the Lakewood Yeshivas and the wider community.

Reaching out to, a Monsey Askun went even further, saying “that although, as Frum Yidden, our views and values align more with the Republican party, but the fact is that the Democrats have a supermajority in Albany. It may be a “feel good” concept to have a Republican, but if our Kehillah wants their Assemblyman to actually get legislation passed to benefit Monsey, specifically regarding public safety and support for our Yeshivas (which are continuously under attack by the radical left elected officials in Albany). What we want is a Democrat Assemblymember to work with both the Moderate Democrats and Republicans alike to pass much-needed legislation affecting the day-to-day life of Monsey and Rockland County Yidden.”

Aron is running against Eudson Francois in the Democratic primary, which is today, June 25.

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