Satmar, Rachmastrivke Girls’ High Schools Close on New Properties For Expansion

The newly acquired property for the Satmar High School (left), and Rachmastrivke High School (right)

Two Boro Park high schools, Satmar and Rachmastrivke, recently closed on properties as the Kehilla continues to grow and flourish. 

By, with reporting from BoroPark24

Two Boro Park high schools recently closed on properties as the Kehilla continues to grow and flourish. 

The Satmar Borough Park School system, led by Rabbi Aron Welz, recently acquired a spacious plot of land on 18th Avenue corner 53rd Street for the construction of a state-of-the-art building, for the Satmar girl’s High School, Beis Rochel. This remarkable project is projected to cost $40 million.

The lot in question is known to many Boro Park residents as it sits in the center of Boro Park, at the corner of 18th Avenue and 53rd Street. The massive lot is currently used for parking school buses and sits between 52nd and 53rd Street. Roughly about half the lot has been sold to the Satmar mosdos.


On the other side of Boro Park, Bais Shifra, the Rachmastrivke girl’s high school, recently closed on a new property at 39th Street and 15th Street. 

Bais Shifra has been renting a space until now, after experiencing tremendous growth, their current space became no longer able to accommodate the growing student body. With much syata d’shmaya, they found a new building and closed on a $7 million property. 

To celebrate the closing of the property, a L’Chaim was held by the Rachmistrivke Rebbe, where he went over the plans for the new building and thanked Hashem for the s’yata d’shmaya in helping them acquire the property where the next generation of women will be educated. 

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