Rockland Chavivim Assists Police In Recovering Stolen Van near Monsey

On Lag B'Omer, Chavivim of Rockland received a emergency call about a stolen vehicle in Monsey. With their help Police retrieved the vehicle and returned it to the owner.


Chavivim of Rockland received a call about a stolen Mercedes-Benz van from the Ramapo neighborhood

After reviewing camera footage and following up on the information received, Chavivim successfully tracked down the stolen vehicle in Stony Point, NY.

They then notified the Stony Point Police Department, in a joint effort with the Ramapo police department, returned the vehicle to its rightful owner.

In another incident on Lag B’Omer, Rockland Chavivim responded to a emergency call about a stolen bicycle in Spring Valley. With clear video footage of the theft in hand, Chavivim located the bike and notified the Spring Valley police department, returning the bike to its owner.

  • The stolen van

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