“Only Love Will Destroy Their Hate” – Downtown Miami Kosher Restaurant Targeted By Pro-Hamas Vandals

“Again,” that is the sentiment among the Frum Kehilla in Miami after another Kosher shop was targeted by Pro-Hamas vandals.

By FrumNews.com 

“Again,” that is the sentiment among the Frum Kehilla in Miami after another Kosher shop was targeted by Pro-Hamas vandals.

The Downtown Miami Kosher eatery ‘Holy Bagels & Pizzeria’ was vandalized recently with the restaurant’s U.S. and Israel flags destroyed, spray painted with “Free Palestine,” and the entire facade of the place was spray painted in red with the same.

Surveillance video captured a man in a hoodie vandalizing the restaurant early Sunday morning.

Josh Nodel said that his other store in Miami Beach was vandalized three times (!).

Nodel told CBS News this act of vandalism must be taken seriously. “This is how the Holocaust started. Simple little things in Germany they were doing. They were vandalizing businesses, they burned down businesses and this is how it starts.”

Federal Judge Roy Altman and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez led the cleanup effort. The paint has since been cleaned up, and the business has reopened.

“We will not let it get us down. This is what they do. They hurt and destroy and want us to cover in fear. But we are strong and united, and only love will destroy their hate,” the restaurant wrote on Instagram. “We will not back down. We stand forever united with Israel. Am Yisroel Chai!”

The restaurant also thanked everyone, “We were in awe from the support everyone came to show.”

“Yet another example of the deranged “Free Palestine” movement mirroring modern-day Nazism with one goal – targeting & hurting Jews.” The Stop Antisemitism campaign said.

Broward congressional candidate Bryan Leib reacted on Twitter, “These cowardly acts don’t scare the Jewish community. In fact, it does the opposite. It strengthens us and our resolve. We will NEVER back down. We will NEVER remain silent. We aren’t going ANYWHERE.”

Miami Police have made it clear they will not tolerate and a thorough investigation will be opened.

If you’re in the area, make sure to visit ‘Holy Bagels & Pizzeria’ this week and give them some business.


Video: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Federal Judge Roy Altman help clean graffiti and paint off the restaurant:

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