Netanyahu To Chabad Shluchim: “Don’t Bend, Don’t Cower, Don’t Surrender To Anti-Semitic Lies”

Chabad on Campus Shluchim from all over the world meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Yerushalayim

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with 30 Chabad on Campus Shluchim, who has been at the forefront of the war against anti-Semitism since October 7th.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with 30 Chabad on Campus Shluchim, who has been at the forefront of the war against anti-Semitism since October 7th.

The Shluchim met with the prime minister at his office on Wednesday morning in honor of Gimmel Tammuz, the 30th Yom Hillulah of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, z”l.

Among those at the event were Cabinet Secretary Yossi Fuchs, Chabad on Campus Chief Operating Officer Rabbi Avi Weinstein, Chabad on Campus Israel Director Rabbi Moshe Shilat and Harvard University Chabad Shliach Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi.

Chabad on Campus International (COCI) is in Eretz Yisroel for its annual conference, which is usually held in New Jersey. 200 Campus shluchim joined to show support for their Jewish brethren and experience firsthand the situation in the Holy Land, which has so profoundly impacted college campuses around the world. They hope to return from this event and be further empowered to continue supporting Jewish students.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s close relationship with the Lubavitcher Rebbe is well known. It goes back to a powerful speech Netanyahu gave before the UN in 2009 in defense of the Jewish people. He credited meeting with the Rebbe in 1984 as inspiration for the speech. The Rebbe had told him to “light a candle of truth” in his dealings with the U.N.

The meeting between the prime minister and the Shluchim lasted half an hour and involved a discussion about challenges facing the Jewish nation worldwide, specifically students on college campuses. Cabinet Secretary Yossi Fuchs and Rabbi Moshe Shilat, Director of Chabad on Campus Israel, also attended the meeting.

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke of the unique position the Jewish nation now holds in the fight against anti-Semitism, with Israel acting as support and strength for Jews all over the world. He referenced our history of persecution and the need to stand up and fight back, commending the shluchim present for their role in leading this effort, referring to them as ambassadors of the Jewish people.

“We were honored to be invited to the Prime Minister’s office around the auspicious day of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s passing.” Rabbi Avi Weinstein, COO of Chabad on Campus International, said. “Our meeting was constructive and clarified that the Jewish spirit lives strong in all corners of the world. Campus shluchim have faced unprecedented challenges in the past few months, and we greatly appreciate the prime minister’s recognition of their dedication and hard work. We will continue doing whatever we can to support Jewish students on campus and are proud to have the prime minister’s encouragement and friendship.” 

  • Chabad on Campus International, COO Avi Weinstein addresses Prime Minister Netanyahu during a meeting with Chabad on Campus Shluchim at the Prime Minister’s office in Yerushalayim
  • Chabad on Campus Shluchim from all over the world meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Yerushalayim

PM Netanyah’s full remarks:

“I saw the Rebbe the first time in Simchat Torah, 42 years ago. He said three things: Ahavat Yisrael [loving Israel], defend Eretz Yisrael [the Land of Israel] and fight the lies.

“Bechol dor vador kamim aleinu lechaloteinu [in each generation they rise up to destroy us]. VeHaKadosh Baruch Hu yatzileinu miyadam [and G-d will redeem us from their hands]. But we have to help the Kadosh Baruch Hu . We have to take our own active action against our would-be destroyers. We’re fighting back in Gaza, we’re fighting back in Lebanon, we’re fighting back in other parts of the Middle East. But we also have to fight the battle for public opinion, for justice and for our own solidarity, our own solidarity with our people who are beleaguered.

“We can win this war. We’re going to win it. We are winning it in fact. Pummeling our enemies with the force and the indomitable courage of our soldiers. They are tremendous heroes. No question about it. But we also have to win the war in the world. The quicker we end this war, the quicker we’ll be able to also fend off the slanders, and that’s something that we’re going to do.

“The most important message I have for you is don’t bend, don’t cower, don’t surrender, not to these anti-Semitic lies, not to the fear, not to the intimidation. You are our ambassadors in the spirit of the Rebbe. This is what the Rebbe told me. He said: ‘You are going to be the ambassador of the Jewish people in the Hall of Darkness,’ as he called the UN. He said, light a candle of truth. Stand up against our enemies and for our people, and for our land.

“That’s the same message. It hasn’t changed. It’s just become even more necessary, more acute, more indispensable than at any time your lifetimes. Carry that message to our people. Carry that message of truth to the world.”

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1 Comment

  • Johanan Herda 07/11/2024 | ה' תמוז התשפ"ד

    “Let there be light in the halls of darkness,” necessitates a REBUILDING of the UN and its purpose.
    Democratic nations are today, only a small proportion of members of the current UN…

    “Let there be light,” necessitates truth – a rebuilding and active oversight of Artificial Intelligence, Media platforms, and News services.

    HaKadosh Baruch Hu requires strong ambassadors to bring about positive awareness and change.

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