Motzei Shabbos Eretz Yisroel Roundup: Negotiations Stall, Terror Attack in Chevron and a Unique Hachnosas Sefer Torah

The fight to free the remaining 134 Hostages from Hamas continues, as the war countinues in Gaza with important events happeing this week, including terror atacks in Beer Sheva and Chevron, cease-fire talks stalled, South Africa attacks its Jewish community and more

By, with experts from Mrs. Bruria Efune’s daily war summary

Hostage Crises

The fight to free the remaining (approximate) 134 Hostages from Hamas continues.

During the week, cease-fire talks stalled. Qatar has threatened Hamas’s leadership, who live in Qatar that they will be expelled if they do not bring about a deal to release the hostages and bring a temporary ceasefire. Hamas claims to have lowered its demands and passed the responsibility to Israel, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that the demands are still past Israel’s red lines. It appears that Hamas is still demanding the release of top terrorists who have blood on their hands and a full Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh said about negotiations, “There is an opportunity for a multi-stage agreement if the Israeli government gives up its stubbornness; we strive for an end to the war.” In other words, Hamas is not giving up on their unreasonable demands, which go way past Israel’s red line.

Meanwhile, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, said, “A six-week ceasefire is on the table, in return for the release of women, adults and wounded hostages. If Hamas responds to the proposal, they will be able to promote a prolonged ceasefire based on it.”

Northern Front:

Hezbollah Fires Massive Rocket Barrage at Northern Eretz Yisroel, IDF Strikes Back

As reported on Tuesday morning, sirens sounded across Northern Eretz Yisroel as the terror group Hezbollah launched a barrage of over 100 rockets aimed at them. The Iranian-backed terror group proxy fired a 70-rocket barrage at the two areas at approximately 7:00 AM. Just over an hour later, another 30 rockets were fired at the northern Golan.

The attacks have been one of the heaviest barrages, since the start of the war. Baruch Hashem, no casualties or damage were reported from either barrage, with most of the projectiles either intercepted by the Iron Dome or hitting open areas.

The IDF retaliated with a number of strikes at Hezbollah launch sites. IDF fighter jets struck two Hezbollah military command centers in the area of Baalbek, deep inside Lebanon. According to the IDF, Hezbollah used these sites to store significant assets used to strengthen its weapons arsenal.

Furthermore, a military compound in the area of Khiam, Lebanon, and terrorist infrastructure in the area of Bint Jbeil was also struck. Additional rocket launches were identified crossing from Lebanon into the areas of Zar’it, Shtula, and Rosh HaNikra in northern Israel. The IDF attacked these targets with artillery fire.

Our Fallen Heroes

The fallen Kedoshim was named this week:

– Command sergeant Major Uri Moyal z”l.

– Sergeant first class (res.) Michael Gal z”l of the Bislamach Brigade.

– Sergeant Itay Chen z”l.

Terror Attack in Beer Sheva

On Thursday morning, a terrorist stabbed and killed an IDF officer and lightly wounded three others, at the Beit Kama junction just north of Be’er Sheva. Chief Warrant Officer Uri Moyal, 51, was stabbed multiple times while standing in line at the Aroma coffee shop. He heroically wrestled the terrorist off of him, then stood up and shot and eliminated the terrorist, before he stepped outside and collapsed. He was then evacuated to the hospital where his death was announced.

IDF Rabbinate Confirms Dual US-Israeli Citizen Murdered on Simchas Torah

As reported this week, the IDF Rabbinate has announced the death of Sergeant Itay Chen, HY”D, 19, a dual US-Israeli citizen from Netanya.

Chen was one of at least six U.S. citizens still thought to have been held alive in Gaza. His father Ruby Chen, originally from Flatbush, Brooklyn, never gave up hope that his son survived the attack and would eventually be released from captivity.

The death was recently declared by the Military Rabbinate based on findings and new intelligence information.

Hashem Yikom Damam


On Shabbos afternoon, a Palestinian terrorist in Chevron stood in a cemetery and opened fire at Jewish children playing in the Jewish quarter. He was eliminated by nearby IDF troops without any Injuries to Israelis.

International Updates

“When You Come Home, We Are Going To Arrest You”

As reported on Wednesday, South Africa, which took Israel to the International Court of Justice over baseless ‘genocide’ claims, now went further against its 70,000 Jewish population.

The country’s foreign minister, Naledi Pandor, said that her country’s citizens who fight in the IDF or alongside them in Gaza against the Hamas terror group will be arrested when they return home.

The FM called for its citizens to be activists and urged them to protest in front of embassies that support Eretz Yisroel. In addition, she called for them to boycott the Israeli airline El Al, which stopped flying to Johannesburg shortly after South Africa brought Israel to the ICJ). They also said those with dual South African-Israeli citizenship could be stripped of their South African citizenship.

Delta To Resume Flights To Eretz Yisroel 

On Wednesday, Delta Airlines announced it would resume service on June 7th. Delta will be flying daily the Airbus A330-900neo between New York and Tel Aviv, adding 2000 seats weekly on the route. Like most non-Israeli airlines, Delta canceled all fights as war broke out following the Simchas Torah massacre. Delta will be the second US carrier flying directly between the US and Eretz Yisroel.

“End Your Silence”

Israel Katz, Israel’s Foreign Minister, spoke at the special debate in the UN Security Council, which convened to discuss the Simchas Torah massacre. “For too long, the UN has been silent on Hamas actions,” he said, stating that the Security Council had failed to condemn the terror group for its crimes.

“The only one responsible for the crimes against humanity is Hamas,” Katz said. “For too long the UN has been silent on Hamas actions, I am demanding from the Security Council to put as much pressure on Hamas to release immediately and unconditionally all kidnapped hostages.

“Hamas crimes are even worse than the terror actions carried out by al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other terror organizations that were sanctioned by the UN,” he said. “Many countries have declared Hamas as a terror organization including the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, Paraguay, New Zealand, the UK, the EU, and others,” but the UN has not taken similar steps.

“United Nations, please try your utmost to stop this,” he added, thanking the nations that have supported Eretz Yisroel.

Good News

In an inspiring event, a Sefer Torah was welcomed to the staging areas near the former Netzarim Yishuv of Gush Katif in northern Gaza, by the Hesder Yeshiva IDF Soldiers stationed there, together with their peers in the Nachal Brigade.

After an extended period of fighting in Gaza, the soldiers received a Sefer Torah to use for Davening during the week and on Shabbos.

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