IDF Eliminates Dozens of Terrorists at Shifa Hospital

Over the past few days, IDF soldiers in Gaza conducted several operations as the IDF aims to wrap up its fight against Hamas.


Over the past few days, IDF soldiers in Gaza conducted several operations as the IDF aims to wrap up its fight against Hamas.

On Monday, the IDF eliminated senior Hamas members in Rafah in an airstrike, according to the IDF. Four of the terrorists served as chiefs of Hamas in Northern and Eastern Rafah.

In Rafah, the senior terrorists represented the Hamas leadership. As part of their responsibilities, they coordinated the terror organization’s actions in humanitarian zones and connected with other Hamas terrorists on the field.

On Tuesday, The IDF identified a rocket launch in Gaza towards the Israeli city of Sderot, which fell short in the Gaza Strip. In response, an Israeli Air Force aircraft struck an operational Hamas terror shaft in the area of the launch.

In Central Gaza, IDF Soldiers operating in central Gaza identified a terrorist in the area, who was eliminated by sniper fire. In Jabalya, IDF troops directed an IAF aircraft to strike and eliminate six terrorists.

In Khan Yunis near Gush Katif, IDF soldiers eliminated two terrorists and struck Hamas locations in Khan Yunis. Additionally, an IAF aircraft struck a terrorist who was identified loading weapons nearby.

Over the past few days, IDF and Security forces conducted an operation against terrorists in the area of the Shifa hospital. They eliminated approximately 90 terrorists and located weapons in the hospital area while preventing harm to ‘civilians,’ patients, medical teams, and medical equipment.

IDF Reserve officer Sebastian Haion, HY”D

IDF Reserve officer Sebastian Haion, 51, HY”D, a commander in the 401st Armored Brigade from Rosh Haayin, was killed during this operation.

IDF Soldiers questioned over 300 terror suspects at the compound. They apprehended dozens of prominent terrorists in Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist at the Shifa Hospital, who were also involved in directing terror in Yehuda and Shomron.

Among those arrested was Mahmoud Kwasama YM”S, a senior Hamas terrorist responsible for the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, Gilad Shaer, Eyal Yifrah and Naftali Fraenkel, HY”D, near their Yeshiva in Gush Etzion in June 2014. (He was involved in the planning and financing of the terrorists who abducted and murdered them. This horrific event sparked Operation Protective Edge).


In another incident, Houthi Terrorists from Yemen fired a cruise missile at Eretz Yisroel that landed near Eilat, Baruch Hashem, no injuries were reported.

The IDF stated, “The target was monitored by IAF troops throughout the incident. No injuries were reported, and no damage was caused. The incident is under review.”

Photos by IDF spokesman

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