DMV Issues Redesigned “NYC License Plate” and Driver’s Licenses

New York’s DMV announced the release of a newly redesigned New York City regional license plate, driver's licenses, permits and non-driver ID, as well.


New York’s DMV announced the release of a newly redesigned New York City regional license plate. The plate, part of a series featuring the state’s 10 regions, features an image of One World Trade Center and Lower Manhattan.

This comes 14 years after New York changed from the iconic blue and white license plate featuring Niagara Falls in the top left corner and the New York City skyline in the top right.

“Every region of our state has something unique and interesting about it, and we are happy to celebrate that uniqueness by making these new license plates available for New York drivers,” said Commissioner Mark Schroeder. “These also allow drivers to put their own unique touch on their vehicles and show pride for the place they live.”

This plate will be a custom license plate and won’t come as standard.

Recently, New York’s DMV also began issuing new driver’s licenses, permits and non-driver ID (NDID) cards that incorporate upgraded security features. DMV customers who apply for a new license or ID and those who renew or replace an existing document will receive the new document. Security features on these documents verify the document’s authenticity and prevent tampering and counterfeiting.

The new security features can be verified with the naked eye and by touch. Some of the text and images are embossed and can be felt. On the Enhanced Driver License and NDID, the embedded chip is now exposed. Both the clear windows within the document and the state seal have been redesigned using a process called multiple laser imaging. The process involves engraving two images into the card so that the image being seen changes when viewed at different angles. In addition to the motorist’s photo, the image now displays their birth month and year when viewed at a different angle.

On Tuesday, the TSA announced it would be accepting New York-issued mobile driver licenses (mDLs) at checkpoints with digital ID readers nationwide.

The TSA said that travelers who have downloaded the New York Mobile ID app to their smartphone can use that for identity verification during the screening process in lieu of handing over a physical photo ID and boarding pass to the TSA security officer at the entry to the checkpoint.

The State of New York has made the New York Mobile ID available to all state residents at no additional cost. First make sure that you have been issued a license, permit, or non-driver ID card by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. Then, just download the New York Mobile ID app from the App Store or Google Play to add it to your smartphone.

“We are pleased to be able to add this state-of-the-art digital ID to the list of acceptable IDs at our security checkpoints,” said Robert Duffy, TSA’s Federal Security Director for LaGuardia Airport. “Travelers who want to take advantage of this new capability will find that their New York mobile ID is a convenient option when going through the security process.”

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