Breaking: Williamsburg Shomrim Stops Skimming Attack, Suspects Busted Red-Handed

NYPD and Williamsburg Shomrim volunteers apprehend the suspects

The NYPD with the assistance of Williamsburg Shomrim volunteers arrested Wednesday afternoon three perpetrators who were seen Tuesday night putting skimmers at Rosemary Kosher Supermarket on Flushing Ave in Williamsburg.


“Another day, another skimming scheme attack thwarted”

Williamsburg — The NYPD and Williamsburg Shomrim volunteers apprehended three perpetrators Wednesday afternoon, who were seen Tuesday night putting skimmers at Rosemary Kosher Supermarket on Flushing Avenue in Williamsburg.

The suspects returned this morning to retrieve the skimmers. Williamsburg Shomrim was notified and started following them until the police intercepted them on the Pulaski Bridge in Greenpoint, just north of Williamsburg, on Brooklyn’s border and apprehended them.

Williamsburg Shomrim has investigated these scams for weeks, investing countless hours in stopping the ‘SNAP/EBT Skimmer’ thieves. The work has paid off. Thanks to the dedicated members of the Williamsburg Shomrim, its IT team, and the Hi-Definition License Plate Recognition (LPR) system recently installed in Williamsburg, they were caught and arrested today by the NYPD.

Recently, there has been a spike in skimming attacks by kosher grocery stores and supermarkets in the frum communities of Williamsburg, Boro Park, Crown Heights and Flatbush. As well by Monsey and Rockland County in Upstate NY. Hundreds of Frum Brooklyn residents, especially in Williamsburg and Flatbush, have fallen victim to Credit Card and EBT SNAP benefits skimming in the area.

In some cases, large families have lost thousands of dollars in Food Stamps benefits.

Two weeks ago, Williamsburg Shomrim discovered a skimming device at a shop on Lee Ave, and the UJO put out alerts for the Kehilla to change their PIN.

In the same week, another skimming attempt was stopped at the nearby Pomegranate Supermarket on Coney Island Ave in Flatbush, due to the swift and alert action of Pomegranate management, Baruch Hashem, no one was scammed in the incident.

Yesterday, another skimming attack was thwarted at Moisha’s Kosher Supermarket on Avenue M in Flatbush, In both today and yesterdays arrests, the perpetrators are suspected of placing skimmers in the four largest Brooklyn frum kehillas of Boro Park, Crown Heights, Williamsburg and Flatbush.

The skimmer devices are being placed by outsiders. This is a city-wide issue, happening all over New York City and NY State. It is part of a larger sophisticated organized-crime ring that steal funds from SNAP food stamp benefits and obtain credit card details by placing skimming devices at stores. has been informed, that although this skimming scam is mostly happening at hundreds of local Brooklyn bodegas. Kosher grocery stores and supermarkets in Brooklyn are having their frum managers check almost daily the devices to make sure no skimmers are being placed.

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  • I think there are illegals 05/23/2024 | ט"ו אייר התשפ"ד

    I think need to be there managers to cheek every 1/2 hours all those machines if there no a skimers

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